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I have been sent many surveys.  I have been able to answer a few of them.  Hopefully I can answer some of your questions below.  Please email me if you have additional questions.

Voters Guide Statement

Having lived from Silver Lake to Marysville and possessing a strong military and civilian background, Stephen understands the issues facing our families. 

As a Boeing engineer, he understands the importance of an inviting business climate.  Our state has already lost Boeingís corporate headquarters. We need to act to keep the rest of Boeing right here in the Pacific Northwest and to make the state more inviting for all businesses.  

The traffic situation has grown worse over the years and needs to be addressed.  The state needs to pay more attention to the common commuter, not just mass transit. 

Schools need to be properly funded and held accountable for the way they spend your money.  There is more to educating our children than teaching them how to take a test. 

We need a balance between preserving the environment and the needs of our communities.  We donít want to destroy our wonderful surroundings.  However, people love Washington State and must have places to live and play. 

The traditional family is part of the moral character that society depends on.  So is respect for all people. 

Stephen will work hard to bring sensible and solid leadership back to Olympia.


I am against abortion except when the life of the mother is in danger or in case of rape or incest.  Even then I would strongly discourage it.

The family is the foundation of our society and must be preserved.

Ball fields
There is no reason to close down the existing ball fields.  The state needs to allow existing ball fields to be grandfathered in.  There are places designated as farmlands that would work for new ball fields.  However, care must be taken not to drive farming out.  Farmlands and a lot of people do not always work well together.

NASCAR provides an opportunity for more diversity in the types of businesses and jobs that are located in Snohomish County.  The State should step forward and support NASCARís choice of a track north of Marysville.  Traffic will be a big concern.  The state needs to step up to their responsibility for state highways.  Some financial incentives may be in order but only on a limited basis.  The state can also simplify the red tape that will be required to build the track.

Tort Reform
We need tort reform.  There are way too many people using the legal system as a lottery.  Lawsuits are a huge drain on the medical profession.

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